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    If you ever thought about buying any horses from us, now might be a really good time to come out and do it! We are running low on numbers! Since the end of March we have sold 44 horses which included our buckskin stud and 22 broodmares. Ten years ago I had 4 studs and 55 broodmares. Today I have 1 stud and 18 broodmares left. A fact, my horses ain't like toilet paper at WalMart, they never run out of toilet paper, I am running out of horses along  with the few remaining horse breeders in America!                         A Big thank you to all our many satisfied buyers! This is our 28TH. ANNIVERSARY breeding AQHA Hall of Fame line bred Two Eyed Jack, Docs Lynx, and Jackie Bee horses. People friendly, easy to look at cow bred horses that you can do anything with and look good doing it! This is also your chance to buy one for $500. to $1,500. on most of these hard to find young horses.                                                          We have 3 yearling fillies, 8 yearling stud colts, and 1 three year old red dun filly. 5 of which are palomino, 3 grays, 2 sorrel, and 1 brown.  We are offering our last set of 18 pregnant broodmares, most already have babies on the ground, all palomino, buckskin, gray, dun, and 1 bay mare, 11 years and younger and the red roan stallion they are bred to for $1,250. each, you take them all with the babies thrown in, or you pick at higher prices. A quality, cowboy bred color making machine for less than a good used diesel pick-up! You can instantly have something most people dream of for cheap!                                                                               Hope to see you soon! Please call with any questions, 254-385-6487.                                                                                                                                      NEWS FLASH!                                                                                                                                                      DD Lock N Load Lynx was named Reserve Grand Champion                Youth Yearling Mare at the 2014 Fort Worth Fat Stock Show.                  Bred and raised by Tom Lockwood, sold to Melisa Ausherman. You can buy one of this filly's siblings at the ranch!          Go to Melisa's facebook  page and Lucky Rowell Performance Horses              For many photos of this beautiful filly and many more of Tom's          and Melisa's horses. Congratulations Melisa!                                         
         Nothing but the best of linebred AQHA Hall of Fame cowhorse breeding. Linebred Two Eyed Jack, Docs Lynx, and Jackie Bee.    
    If you ever wanted to get in the horse breeding business now is the time! Horse numbers have decreased every year since the packing plants closed in the USA in 2007. National horse numbers are at the lowest level in 70 years.
           The first week of March, 2016, I completed a 1,440 mile trip from Groesbeck, TX., north to Riley in NE Kansas then we went 120 west to Ellsworth, KS., then straight south taking a different route home then we went up.  I am a very observant person as I drive and in that 1,440 miles I saw one mare with a new 2016 baby and it was a draft mare! News flash, I did see a nice set of broodmares on Hwy. 36 between Gatesville and Hamilton, TX on June 5th. with 6 babies! Oh, I just saw 2 more near Mart, TX.
                                                          These young horses are hard to find because most people have quit breeding all together. Ten years ago the Quarter Horse Journal was 1 to 2.5 inches thick every month, now it is 1 quarter to a half inch thick, maybe! In a recent one day horse sale at Clovis, New Mexico, there were only 250 head were there, 25 years ago Clovis was a 3 day sale with 1,200 to 1,500 head sold. If you want one, you better buy one of these yearlings because the people that buy them will not be selling them later!  The cheap end of do anything ranch horses that are 5 years old and up cost $5,000.-$10,000. on the cheap end and the really fancy ones cost from there on up to $50,000., cause THERE AIN'T ANY!                                                                                             
                           Call Tom with any questions!             
                               Cash or good check ONLY!
Take a look at the horses we have for sale at the ranch.
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       Please call  "THE LOW-TECH RED NECK", alias Tom Lockwood for information.

 Tom Lockwood Horse Sales, P.O. Box 12, Groesbeck, Texas 76642



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